The existing Marshal’s Registration Scheme for Rally/Cross Country remains a voluntary undertaking for marshals. The MSA Marshals Registration scheme is a process to train and develop specialist and advanced skills but the scheme launched at Autosport is the Rally Marshals Accreditation Scheme which is a mandatory scheme to ensure that all marshals working unsupervised stage side have undertaken a basic training and safety awareness course before deployment. This has been introduced to address one of the recommendations of the Scottish Governments’ Report.

So the two things are related but not the same.

The objective is to ensure that all marshals qualified to work alone stage side from 1st January 2017 must have completed the Rally Marshals Accreditation Scheme.

This is being phased in so that in 2016 all existing Registered Rally Marshals may continue to be deployed as is but for 2017 they must have completed the online Accreditation as well.

For 2016 all marshals that are not currently Registered Rally Marshals, so that includes many existing marshals and any new recruits, must complete the online Accreditation if they are to be deployed without direct supervision stage side.

For 2016 and beyond any marshal that signs on without having either credential must be “buddied” with someone who has.

Being a member of or an endorsement from an MSA Registered Club only applies to the MSA Marshals Registration Scheme. A marshal outwith a motor club may complete the online Accreditation Scheme and go and marshal stage side unsupervised. There is no intention to change this.

The Accreditation Scheme only granting “Trainee Status” is a point of discussion. This misunderstanding may result from one of the online sources not having updated or refreshed correctly.