West House Farm Cottages

A warm welcome awaits you at West House Farm Cottages. Situated close to Cockermouth, Keswick, the Lake District National Park, Maryport and the Solway Coast our luxury self catering holiday cottages offer you the best of both worlds – lakes and mountains to the south and east and sandy beaches and unspoilt coastline to the […]

Dickinson Place

Dickinson Place Holiday Cottages, Allonby
Telephone: 01900 881440

Dash Cottage

Dash Cottage, Embleton
Telephone: 01900 63435

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Banks Court House Apartment

Banks Court House Apartment, Cockermouth
Telephone: 01900 829854

37 Kirkgate

37 Kirkgate, Cockermouth
Telephone: 01900 823236

Thwaite Howe

Thwaite Howe, Thornthwaite
Rooms: 7
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01768 778744

The Old Vicarage

The Old Vicarage, Lorton Vale
Rooms: 8
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 85656

Shatton Lodge Farm

Shatton Lodge Farm, Cockermouth
Rooms: 2
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 823875


Riverside, Cockermouth
Rooms: 3
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 827504

Ouse Bridge House

Ouse Bridge House, Bass Lake
Rooms: 11
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 017687 76322

The Old Homestead, Cockermouth
Rooms: 10
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 822223

Link House

Link House, Bassenthwaite
Rooms: 8
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 017687 76291

Lakeside Country Guest House

Grayonside, Cockermouth
Rooms: 8
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 017687 76358



Grayonside, Cockermouth
Rooms: 10
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 822351

Dufton House

Dufton House, Brigham
Rooms: 2
Car Parking: Limited
Telephone: 01900 827047

Ditton Lodge

Ditton Lodge, Papcastle
Rooms: 2
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 822154

Cumberland Lodge

Cumberland Lodge, Winscales
Rooms: 3
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 65194

Croft Guest House

Croft Guest House, Cockermouth
Rooms: 7
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 827533

Crag End Farm

Crag End Farm, Cockermouth
Rooms: 5
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 85658

Armidale Cottages

Armidale Cottages, Workington
Rooms: 3
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 63704

6 Castlegate Guest House

6 Castlegate Guest House, Cockermouth
Rooms: 6
Car Parking: On Street
Telephone: 01900 826786

Winder Hall Country House Hotel

Winder Hall Country House Hotel, Low Lorton
Rooms: 7
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 85107

Trout Hotel

Trout Hotel, Cockermouth
Rooms: 49
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 823591

Travel Lodge

Travel Lodge, Cockermouth
Rooms: 45
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 0871 984 6358

The Pheasant

The Pheasant, Bass Lake
Rooms: 15
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 017687 76234

The Old Ginn House Inn

The Old Ginn House Inn, Great Clifton
Rooms: 19
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 64616

The Melbreak Country Hotel

The Melbreak Country Hotel, Great Clifton
Rooms: 37
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 61443

Shepherds Hotel

Shepherds Hotel, Cockermouth
Rooms: 26
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 822673

Ravenstone Lodge

Ravenstone Lodge, Bassenthwaite
Rooms: 9
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 017687 76629

Queens Hotel

Queens Hotel, Keswick
Rooms: 35
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 017687 73333

Old Posting House

Old Posting House, Deanscales
Rooms: 7
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 823278

Allerdale Court Hotel, Cockermouth

Allerdale Court Hotel, Cockermouth
Rooms: 25
Car Parking: No
Telephone: 01900 823654

Armathwaite Hall Hotel

Armathwaite Hall Hotel, Bass Lake
Rooms: 42
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone:  017687 76551

Broughton Craggs

Broughton Craggs, Great Broughton, Cockermouth
Rooms: 14
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 824400

Ellenbank Hotel

Ellenbank Hotel, Birkby
Rooms: 26
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 815233

Castle Inn

Castle Inn, Bassenthwaite
Rooms: 42
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 017687 76401

Embleton Spa

Embleton Spa, Embleton
Rooms: 10
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 017687 76606

Hunday Manor

Hunday Manor, Winscales
Rooms: 24
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 61798

Hundith Hill

Hundith Hill, Lorton Vale
Rooms: 17
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 822092

Kirkstile Inn

Kirkstile Inn, Loweswater
Rooms: 11
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 85219

Manor House Hotel

Manor House Hotel, Cockermouth
Rooms: 13
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01900 828663

Middle Ruddings Country Inn

Middle Ruddings Country Inn, Braithwaite
Rooms: 13
Car Parking: Yes
Telephone: 01768 778436