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Pre-Rally Shakedown!!! 9am – 4pm, Friday 8th March.

John Parker Associates are organising a Pre-Rally Shakedown all day 9am - 4pm on Friday 8th March . This will be in Kershope forest north of Carlisle and will run on a 2.2 mile loop on good quality roads which have a variety of corners and straights .The costs will not be more than £250 [...]


The list is growing, fast! It’s time to submit your Entry!

Entries have now reached 68 and are growing rapidly. Don't forget to get your entry in as soon as possible so that we can ensure you're on the line up! Click here now to get your Entry Completed!!! Current Drivers Registered Mark shaw, Barry Lindsay, Barry Lindsay, Ross Leach, Edward Lewis, Alex Holliday, Alan Mayhew, [...]