Spectator Safety

The governing body of UK Motorsport (Motorsport UK) are very conscious of safety for everyone involved in our sport. Whilst marshals are trained to know about safety we know that some spectators will be new to this exciting, adrenaline rich pastime. However, the ultimate responsibility for safety is with the individuals. Whilst the organisers want you to enjoy the experience we do want you to spectate safely.

Please see the various safety code posters which are intended to advise you of what to be aware of. Each spectator area diagram has a warning triangle advising that Motorsport is dangerous! If a car leaves the road near you, please don’t rush to push it back on! A marshal must take charge and ensure that the following cars don’t pose a threat to the helpers.

Follow the marshals’ instructions, stay behind the tree line or within the spectator areas. If the stage is deemed unsafe because people will not move to safe areas, it will be cancelled so please don’t spoil everyone’s fun. There are videos which can be accessed at which may be of interest, please follow these links.

This is from the FIA (Motorsport International governing body)


This is from Motorsport UK


If you have really enjoyed watching this event, you may consider joining us as a marshal in future. Training can be accessed at


Road closure Friday 8th March

Just letting everyone know that there will be a road closure at Rheged on the A66 on Friday night.
It starts at 9pm and lasts till 6 am on Saturday. If you are intending to travel home to the south you will need to use Kirkstone pass or go through Keswick. If you are going north, it may be worth using the main A road towards Carlisle from Cockermouth.

Following are details of the spectator areas for the Rally. Parking will be by pre-purchased tickets – this gives us the ability to adhere to the capacity of some of the car parks. See details following.

Tickets are on sale now at £10.00 per car and can be bought by going to


or by going to www.ticketsource.co.uk and searching “Malcolm Wilson rally” or any part of that.

You will need to download the ticket to your phone (or print it off!) Choose either Whinlatter or Grizedale. You will not be able to pay on the day but as you enter the car park you will be given a programme – one per car.

When all the spaces at Whinlatter are sold we would recommend parking in the old loop road on the A66 opposite the entrance to the Pass. A free shuttle bus will run from here to the Visitor Centre from 17.00 to 23.00 (or earlier if everyone is delivered back to their cars). This will ease congestion in the pass as it needs to be kept clear for emergency vehicle and local traffic access. See Whinlatter map !

Please be in position half an hour before first car due time.

Friday 8th March 2024

SS1 Comb  & SS2 Hobcarton

The Visitor Centre on Whinlatter Pass is the car park for Comb and Hobcarton. There has been considerable clearance work taking place in Comb and therefore some sections of the forest are unavailable. Please stick to the designated areas. Torches are recommended on the night stages.

Follow the Glowstick pathways from the car park to the viewing areas and follow the directions of the marshals.

There are two locations : Post 5 is a hairpin, Post 2 means a short walk in from the Pass road. There will be a mobile Café Ambio kiosk selling food and drink and will be situated at Junction 5.

For Hobcarton you will have a short walk across the road to Revelin Moss which is a really good junction for viewing.

Toilets are available within the visitor centre buildings.




Saturday 9th March

SS3 Wythop

We have previously offered parking on the old A66 road but we are using this for competitor access so don’t want the road blocking by spectators. There is a very small amount of parking in the Bus Turning Circle and on the road to the west . Access to the spectator area is via a very steep path – be careful! Not recommended for anyone with heart or breathing issues.

SS4 & 7 Greystoke.

PLEASE NOTE that this is a NO SPECTATOR stage this year, the owners of the property have allowed the use on the condition that spectators are not allowed. Apologies for your disappointment but PLEASE DO NOT attempt to access this stage.

Last year several inconsiderate people decided to trespass over farmers’ land, damaging their walls and when approached they were intimidating and rude to the owners. If this should happen again it is likely that the event will not be allowed the use of this stage. We have undertaken to make good the damage done to keep the peace and agreed that any trespassers can be prosecuted and also charged with criminal damage if appropriate.

Our continued use of this stage depends on spectators going elsewhere and we have added more locations where you will be catered for.

However, marshals are welcome – do the online training at www.msauk.org and follow the link under Marshals or let Karen Spencer Karen@silkrallyradio.com know you are attending.

SS5 Grizedale South

Machells Coppice has been used for access to Scissors crossroads at Point 4 on this stage. A really good spot to watch as you can see the cars going both ways, however it is a bit of an uphill hike of about a mile to access the spectator area.

SS6 Grizedale North

There are six spectator areas to choose from.

High Cross at the north of the forest provides access to three spectator points at point 22, 23 and 24 and parking is ample.

Moor Top provides access to two points and will be the best for wheelchair access.

Machells Coppice can be used as above for Scissors at point 6 on this stage (see above)

Please leave animals and small children at home, take plenty of warm clothing and hot drinks. Obey the marshal’s instructions and stay within the designated areas. These have been planned with your safety in mind and wandering from these areas could cause stage stoppages and ultimately cancellation. If a car leaves the track near you follow the marshals’ commands – we don’t want you to be hurt attempting a rescue.

Health & Safety Information


The Malcolm Wilson Rally follows the guidelines of the motor sport governing body Motorsport UK for sustainability and the march to carbon neutrality.

Committee meetings are not held face to face but use technology to meet on line saving the use of fossil fuels and unnecessary printing. Communication with each other and with competitors is also on line, as is the entry system, the results system and the event banking. Spectators can purchase their parking ticket on line, saving the use of paper and postage. Event signage and equipment that is required is available for the organising clubs to use for other events and is used annually. The event works with Forestry England to promote the event, taking care of the environment and using spill kits to prevent any pollution entering the water course.

Rally HQ is powered by solar panels which contribute excess electricity to the national grid.Some rally cars are built to use synthetic fuels, bio fuels and there are even hybrid cars involved in the sport.